Meet our ILIYA Bride, Stephanie Blanusa

Meet our ILIYA Bride, Stephanie Blanusa

Want to know all of the juicy details to your saved fav wedding inspo? The dress, the flowers…who did the glamorous fireworks and dance floor monogram? Does anyone else wake up to drums in the morning? Well these girls do and WE GET IT!

Welcome to The Social Circle! Our exclusive blog, highlighting the stand out pieces and events of our very own, handpicked ILIYA Brides.

We share all the details you need to know! From wedding planners and custom stationery suites to wedding traditions and creative vendors. We share their story and most memorable experiences.

Meet Aleksandar & Stephanie

Wedding date: Saturday 26th September, 2020

Stephanie Blanusa, Age: 31

“My husband had to retrieve an apple hanging from an arch in front of my parent's house, to be accepted into our side of the family”. 

The Wedding Suite: Double sided, A5 Size Card, Ink Letterpress Wedding Invitation, custom designed with an included monogram. One side written in English, the other written in Serbian Cyrillic.

The Wedding Dress: Designed by Sant Elia

How many guests did you have attend? “315”

What other traditions did you have on your wedding day?  “We had our morning traditions at both homes. The groom’s guests at his house, and the bride’s family at her house. All of the groom’s guests then make their way to the bride’s home so both families could celebrate together.”

What stand out pieces did you have on your wedding day? “Both families celebrate together (at the brides house) before they leave for the ceremony, whilst the bride is bought (with money) by the Groom's cousin and then taken to church."

“We had fireworks on entry and during the bridal waltz and a Serbian traditional dance group who performed during the wedding.” 

The ultimate vendors list….

Florist: Madeline Anne

Photographer: Siempre

Videographer: C2

Venue: Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf

Chandeliers: Starlight Chandeliers

Fireworks: Sydney Fireworks

Dance floor: Event dancefloors

Makeup: Glow studios (bride) and Dounia Merhi (bridesmaids)

Hair: Jasmin Cervello

Bridal gown: Santelia

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