ILIYA is built on a foundation of love, beauty, memories and most importantly family.

We're professional storytellers and we're here to combine, enhance and perfectly intertwine your story and vision through originality and custom based concepts.

Our Artistry is built on components such as shape, colour, and form that pleases the aesthetic senses magically.

Obsessed with all things handcrafted and unique, we will ensure your experience is more than you could ever dream of.

We work closely with a range of Australian suppliers who master and love what they do, and who we trust entirely to delivery the best possible print and fine art solution.

Join us,This is only the beginning...


Jessica Barathy,

Creative Director

Graphic Designer with a Bachelor of Communication Design
/ Creative artist / Wifey

Hello lovers,

Welcome to our world...

ILIYA was created on the basis and principles of love and family.

The name itself is taken from my grandfather and is a representation of opportunity and new beginnings.

I come from a background of print and publication design. After years of travel and internships, I made it into the world of print publication and into the office doors of Australia's best selling teen magazine Dolly Australia and Cleo Magazine. It was there, I found my passion and drive for all things print and typography! Throughout the years, I freelanced for many creative agencies and found my way into the online world of Australian high end fashion design.

On January 11th, 2020 I married my soul mate and shared my world and creative vision through our exclusive collection, Mr + Mrs Barathy. My engagement inspired a creative motion and need to share all of my ideas and visions to others who felt that same high! And so, here we are!

I specialise in creative concept development, graphic design, online creative design, print and publication. I pride myself to work directly with all of my clients, to create a safe atmosphere where I am trusted and completely vulnerable to your creative thinking! This is who we are, a custom based design business that strives on originality and storytelling, and this is only our beginning.

Please email me directly at for any questions or inquiries.

We are so excited to be part of your love story!

Much love, Jess x